My name is Andrew Mullins, and I too am a Coach, a Guide, a Mentor - a Knowledge Adventurer.

I know first-hand the value of what having coaching brings, afterall look at the champions of the

world, they have coaches too, but for myself, I value it because it really helps me focus in the

specifics of what it is I want to do, identifying the best way to do them and then do them.

When I started coaching with Bernie, I was concerned with back-sliding into old ways, and that I was

trying to do too many things at once and as a result, I wasn’t really getting any of them done – I was

in the ‘grey-zone’. 

Then I started working with Bernie and very quickly, I was back on track.

In collaboration with Bernie,

1) I identified specific actionable goals and made an action plan, of which Bernie held me

accountable to.

2) I reconnected with my ‘Why’, not just personally as in for my family, but personally as

what inspires me to do what I do, and also the wider picture of being part of the solution

instead of the problem in the world.

3) I also reaffirmed that I am on the right path, not that this was ever in doubt, but sometimes

the mind wanders and old disempowering ways creep in – Bernie was really effective in

spotlighting this and nudging me to be more aware of this and then holding me accountable

for me to keep to my action plan(s).

As a result of being coached by Bernie, I have gotten not only more clarity, I am more motivated and

even more excited and energised to keep doing what I do in my life.

Bernie is very personable as well as quite structured. Bernie is well-accomplished in her own right,

which I think helps enable her to recognise and catch people when they are going through ‘their

stuff’ - a totally normal and human experience, and as such Bernie is quick and able to keep one on

track - and that is what I needed at times; so thank you Bernie for helping to declutter the way on

my path.

Again, Bernie is more than a coach, she too is an entrepreneur, as well as a published author and

personal development aficionado and much more too – she’s a mother – the most important,

demanding, challenging and rewarding role of all, which brings even more wisdom to what she does.

If you are looking for a coach who will work with you, for you, not ‘blow-smoke-up-you-backside’, in

other words give it to you straight, while holding a safe space within which to open-up, along with

holding you accountable and getting you to where and what you want, then I totally and without

reservation recommend Bernie, you’ll be so glad you did.

Many thanks Bernie.