Out-of-this-world Visionaries, Extreme Pioneers, Limitless Creators . . . 

Launch Your Vision and Soar

I see you.

Focusing time and energy working your way to outer space . . . Blasting after your dreams with passion and enthusiasm . . . Done with the groundwork and eager to launch . . .

I get you.

There is nothing lamestream about you. You are a visionary, a genius. Iconic and influential in your sphere. And you’re not looking back to see what your competitors on the ground are doing.

You’re armed with a unique ideal, to use your trailblazing philosophies and products to change humanity for the better.

I’m BEST in my world at helping my clients become THEIR BEST in THEIR WORLD. And I’m eager to help you.

My unique expertise blends legal and business consulting with empowerment coaching to birth your dream into reality.

BlueBox Rocket is a Vision-to-Launch service for those ready to achieve their HIGHEST fulfilment in life. Through my intuitive and transformational coaching, inspirational and interdisciplinary business mentorship, strategic and no-fuss legal facilitation, you’ll discover new superpowers and be your most authentic self, someone capable of disrupting the world unapologetically with groundbreaking vision.


Get Ready to Launch Your R.O.C.K.E.T

Out-of-this-world Visionaries, Extreme Pioneers, Limitless Creators . . .

Realise exactly who you are. I provide a safe space where you can tap into your most authentic self and discover the inner parts that not even your closest family, friends, or therapists may have seen. Together, we’ll explore your wildest visions and dreams, fears and anxieties, etc., to realise who you are and who you can become.

Go BIGGER. I want you and your idea to stand out in such a courageous way that you scare yourself. Only then can you surpass and excel with new brilliance and boldness.

You are the author of your life. You are an extreme pioneer and conscious creator. This is the place to unleash untapped potential, create and then go turn your dreams into reality.

Discover how to fan the flames of your strengths and spark others to ignite. You’re already a leader, but now you’ll shine even brighter and attract fellow visionaries to follow your suit and achieve their higher self, their success, and ultimately, their greatest joy.

Learn to intentionally live every moment where you empower yourself and everyone who crosses your path. 

I’ll guide you to define what success or triumph means to you. And then hunt down and destroy self-doubts and limiting beliefs to enable you to live your heroic quest!

I’m a firm believer that no one is YOU, and that is your POWER. In being authentically and unashamedly you, we will find your true gifts, re-define the word “dream” with you, and guide you on the transformation into your very best self.

BlueBox Rocket is here to serve you and to catalyse your launch into CREATING and LIVING a life of success and impact!

Unlock Your Genius Influence and Launch . . .

Because Your Astounding Lustre is a Powerful Pearl


Bernie Hung

Authenticity, Motivational and Performance Coach

​Jay Shetty Certified Life Coach

​MBTI Stage I & II Practitioner & Feedback Coach

​Member of the Association for Coaching

​Member of the Henley Centre for Coaching, Henley Business School, University of Reading

Leave no pearls hidden

My vision is to ‘leave no pearls hidden under the haystack’, which is a Cantonese idiom with a similar meaning as “hidden gems”. It is my life purpose to help and guide you discover your talents, unbox your gifts, create and passionately live the life that you have always wanted, find your purpose, and go on to inspire and transform people around you.

Yes, YOU are that pearl, and the world is your oyster.

Pearls are extremely unique, glistening objects naturally produced over time;

Pearls are naturally perfect, complete and lustrous no matter what shapes, sizes and colours they come in, they need no polishing or cutting by man;

Pearls are rare, only one in several million shellfish yield a pearl; and

Pearls symbolise wisdom acquired through experience.

“I have known Bernie for over ten years since we worked together at a leading global luxury fashion house. My current company has engaged Bernie for legal consultation since 2017. Our business covers retail and wholesale in Asia Pacific which is a diverse and complicated region for us with eight different jurisdictions. With her solid experience in luxury business, Bernie provides not only professional legal advice but she is working like our in-house legal counsel supporting our business with genuine interest and sincerity. She was instrumental in setting up the online business legal policies when I was developing our eCommerce business for the region. Bernie is our trusted business partner who offers wisdom and structured approach to complicated situations. She is also a great friend with amazing energy and passion for what she loves doing. I do not know anyone else (at a personal level) who could achieve so many things in such a short time – as far as I know, she is an excellent lawyer, a multinational business owner, a professional coach, an author, a trained barista, and a mother of two! Bernie is truly inspirational and a wake-up call to the purpose of life and what one can achieve with an abundance mindset as well as strategies and methods that work.”

— Cecilia Chan, Managing Director, MCM Worldwide

“I met Bernie on my first business trip to Hong Kong when I had just taken over as Worldwide Corporate Security Director of a well-known luxury multinational corporation and Bernie was already acting as Senior Counsel and right-hand woman to the Asia Pacific General Counsel. I approached her to understand the operational and environmental complexities of my role in that part of the world. My first impression of Bernie was that she was technically very knowledgeable and had a dynamic and fluid view of business activities. She was able to provide an authentic interpretation (which I needed at that time) of how to read some of the facts and the unwritten with an eye that was not my own, and she did so very naturally and politely despite it being the first time we spoke. Over the years I got to know her better and also appreciated her joie de vivre and humour very well mixed with a thoughtfulness and depth that on many other people would have been out of tune. Bernie is like that, a big heart, a quick, sharp and thirsty mind that she knows how to use to the best of her ability by adapting it to every situation. Another aspect that I immediately appreciated about Bernie is her self-awareness; you understand that she is aware of her qualities and talents but she never abuses this awareness; all she has to do is make her interlocutor understand that she is present to herself, always, even under stress. It’s amazing how she manages to guide and control her powerful vital energy without fumbling; she knows how to dose and channel it when and where it’s needed. Over time our relationship has been strengthened through mutual respect and esteem; yes, because Bernie is not seduced by the role and power attached to the role of whoever is in front of her, but only by the heart and mind with which she is interacting. In other words, she manages to be herself in every situation without having to betray her values or renounce, even for a moment, her grace and her sunny kindness. It is this skilful mixture, this balance that is impossible for many and unstable for others, that makes Bernie a truly special person; not only she is aware of her moral and emotional heritage but she knows how to exploit it and use it without waste and without excess.”

— Massimiliano “Max” Carpino Former Worldwide Corporate Security & Crisis Director of GUCCI Former Global General Counsel of GUCCI

— Sherif Gaafar, Switzerland

— Andrew Mullins, U.K.

“Bernie and I worked closely together in the old (well – not that old!) corporate days in Hong Kong. I could see and experience back then her vocation to strive for excellence but always to humbly support and help everyone around her. Quite an amazing gift finally fully blossomed!”

– Carlo Imò Former Head of Kering Asia Pacific Former Global General Counsel of GUCCI

“I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Bernie for a number of years, both personally and professionally. What continues to impress me is how she dedicates 200% into everything she sets her heart and mind to. She has the keen ability to harness all her experiences in life and impart that wisdom to others. She turns challenges into opportunities and excites others into chasing their dreams and reaching their goals. It’s absolutely amazing all that she has accomplished since I met her, and it’s no surprise she wants to help others find the confidence to do the same.”

– Spencer Yu, Senior Director of Sales (North America, APAC, Oceania), BrandShield, USA

“I want to thank Bernie for helping me get clarity on issues I was facing. We often don’t see things clearly when we’re in it day in day out. Bernie was great at making me comfortable to think and reflect on them. Being there for me and asking the right questions she helped me to find answers and to identify things I could do to move forward. I moved past them within a week of having my session with Bernie!”

– Nhan Phan, U.K.

“I have had coaching sessions with Bernie for a few months now. At each session, Bernie lends her listening ears with patience, and through asking powerful questions she guides me to discover what else I could possibly uncover in my circumstances, which has been absolutely useful for me to tackle each context. These self-reflections are like little reminders to myself, but as we are all being distracted by too many daily routines, these little reminders do help me make progress in stalled situations. I find this life coaching experience a valuable one, it is like a ‘magical enlightenment’ guiding me through puzzles in my life. I always have an entrepreneurial spirit in my career, and Bernie has encouraged and helped me strengthen my creativity throughout this coaching experience. I would not hesitate to recommend Bernie to anyone who seeks to be a better version of themselves.”

– Jessie, Hong Kong

“Bernie is a compassionate listener and a very good coach. Each time I work with her she brings a new perspective to the issue we discuss. I recommend Bernie with all my heart.”

– Dana Iliescu, Belgium

“I have been working with Bernie in her professional capacity for a long time, I find it comforting and fortunate to have such a capable and reliable person to guide and assist when I need. Bernie is experienced in various business matters and she works extremely efficiently. She is patient and willing to use her time to explain complex concepts in simple terms to me. I am impressed with her efforts and I am sure other people who have worked with her feel the same. Personally Bernie is a cheerful, honest and knowledgeable friend. Her passion and dedication to her businesses inspires me a lot. I know that if I refer friends or clients to her, they will be in trusted and capable hands of someone who truly cares.”

— Anita Kwan, Director, Kidmaster Educational Toys Co. Ltd., Hong Kong

“I worked with Bernie from June of 2020 to January 2021, I was new to coaching and nervous about working with a coach. When I first began working with Bernie I struggled with issues of confidence, imposter syndrome, vulnerability, and maintaining motivation. Over the 7 months I worked with Bernie, I saw dramatic improvements in all of these areas. Bernie is an excellent coach, she constantly pushed me to think harder, dig deeper, and never let me off the hook when I was trying to evade a question. This is something I greatly appreciated about her process, in every session she created an environment where I felt safe sharing ( a challenge since I don’t like being vulnerable), a place where I felt like I could be my authentic self, and she assisted me in reframing many negative thought patterns that were holding me back. One aspect of Bernie’s coaching style that has impacted me greatly is her excellent ability to help me as the client brainstorm my options and create powerful, simple goals. I can confidently say that I am a different person for the better since working with Bernie. Her attention to detail, care for clients, and dedication to helping an individual to be their best comes through in such a genuine manner, it would be hard not to grow working with her! I would highly recommend working with Bernie, and know that in the future if I am in need of a coach again I will definitely seek out Bernie again.“

— Suranga De Silva, USA

“Bernie is a very kind and motivating coach. Her questions are thought-provoking and will help you gain insight about yourself. She is punctual and helpful. Bernie is a very good listener and I had amazing coaching sessions with her.”

– Pooja, USA

“Bernie was my first coaching experience and it was definitely a delight. She was professional and she did a wonderful job by challenging and pushing me to face my own fear in my career growth. It’s amazing how everything I needed to combat that fear was already in me, and I just simply needed someone to help me find it. I want to thank Bernie for helping me find my own confidence to accelerate my progression in my career, and in life.”

– Krystal, U.K.

“I find Bernie’s coaching style unique and insightful! She will help you dig deep and find your own answers.”

– Richard Pedro, USA